• Applied Electrical


    The Applied Electrical Technology Program students will be involved in "live" work on off-campus construction and restoration sites. Students will master the fundamentals of residential wiring and, as a  second-year  student, learn electrical codes and their interpretations, the proper installation of metallic and PVC conduit.

    Program Content

    Electrical Theory

    • National Electrical Code
    • Electrical Energy & Flow
    • Electrical Circuits
    • Ohm’s Law & the Power Formula
    • Electrical Tools & equipment
    • Single & Three Phase Power
    • Standard Residential Voltage
    • Standard Industry Voltage
    • Electrical Symbols
    • Meters

    Residential Electricity Skills

    • Electrical Diagrams
    • Electrical Devices
    • Wire, Fittings & Boxes
    • Conduit
    • Rough Wiring & Rewiring
    • Switch, Outlet & Light Fixture Installation
    • Wiring for Telephone and Cable
    • Design & Layout

    Safety & Customer Service

    • Electrical Hazards & Personal Safety
    • OSHA 10 Hour Certificate
    • Destructive Capacity of Electricity
    • Construction Industry Hazards
    • Customer Relations
    • Project Plans/Layouts
    • Material Requirements
    • Cost Estimates

    Industrial Electricity Skills

    • Three Phase Power
    • Conduits/Enclosures
    • Industrial Voltage
    • Motor Controls
    • Lighting Loads
    • Heating Loads
    • Conductors
    • Design & Layout

    Solar Thermal

    • S-POD Construction
    • Solar-Water Applications
    • Integration of solar into the home


    • Terminology
    • Wiring Techniques
    • Designing PV Systems

    Alternative Energy Production & Management

    Are you interested in exploring renewable energy sources? Explore what electricity’s role will be in the future of the world’s new energy production and management.


  • Ray Ludemann
    P: (315) 253-0361 ext. 5611

    Shaun Warner
    Teacher Assistant


    All second-year students will complete a Career and Technical Education Portfolio that exhibits necessary elements for CTE Endorsement and demonstrates competencies in Applied Electrical Technology.

    Current Job Site Projects
    Students participate in various off-campus projects including: houses, additions, garages and various non-profit community organization projects.

    The off-campus building project (Residential Home or Community Service Project) will provide the students with an apprenticeship training experience. The students work under the supervision of the class instructors and will come in contact with the people involved in the project, including, but not limited to: 

    • Heavy Equipment Repair & Operation Program
    • Applied Electrical Technology Program
    • Plumbers
    • Heating Contractors
    • Building Inspectors
    • Architects

    The project will last until the end of the school year.

    Articulation Agreements/College Credit

    • SUNY Delhi
    • Pennsylvania College of Technology
    • Cayuga Online—Cayuga Community College
    • Integrated Math Credit

    Potential Careers

    With BOCES training:

    • Electrician Assistant
    • Industrial Maintenance
    • Appliance Repair
    • Service Representative

    With additional training:

    • Residential/Commercial Electrician
    • Independent Electrician
    • Electrical Inspector
    • Installers of Alternative Energy
    • Residential Wiring
    • Commercial Wiring


    • No nylon material
    • Long pants, jeans, or equivalent
    • Sleeved shirt; at least a short sleeved t-shirt
    • Leather work boots, steel toed is optional
    • Winter work coat; Carhartt preferred but optional
    • Winter work pants; Carhartt preferred but optional
    • Leather work gloves
    • Work gloves
    • Knit winter hat